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Hi! 👋 I'm Tipi, a certified health and performance coach. I offer remote coaching in 🇫🇮 🇬🇧 or 🇩🇪 to clients worldwide (or in person in Hamburg, Germany).

My offer to you? To guide you towards a healthier lifestyle by reshaping habits. Drawing from my personal journey and continuous pursuit of peak performance, I will teach you how to cure chronic diseases (like asthma, IBS, arthritis, etc.) and increase cognitive function in your personal environment. However, the foundation remains consistent: harness the power of lifestyle medicine and evidence-based science to optimize your well-being.

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Tipi Health Coach

Proven Results

My clients usually:

  1. Gain 50% - 150% more energy.
  2. Shed 5% - 10% of body fat while building muscle.
  3. Improve mood 20% - 80%.
  4. Boost self-confidence 10% - 200%.
  5. Drop most/all chronic disease medications.
  6. Look a few years younger and improve skin quality.
  7. Master the art of crafting healthy routines independently.


Coaching Packages

  • Access to the latest scientific research tailored to your unique needs.
  • A personalized program designed to be incremental and realistic, depending on your current needs and situation.
  • Kickstart with three (3) intensive sessions in the first week, followed by regular check-ins tailored to your chosen package.

Invest in Your Health

  • GET BETTER: 3 months (3 initial sessions + 12x40min follow-ups) , 690€.
  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE: 12 months (3 initial sessions + 48x40min follow-ups), 2490€.
  • COMPLETE REFORM (Exclusive to Hamburg, Germany): I'll personally ensure your environment promotes optimal health. From decluttering unhealthy items in your home, guiding you on food selection and preparation, optimizing sleep, supplement, and exercise routines, to even perfecting your skincare routine. Commit to a comprehensive transformation for 5000€/month.

Ready to Begin?

If you are interested in 1-to-1 coaching, you can fill the initial questionnaire or book the first meeting (free of charge) that we can get to know each other.

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