Get Better

Hi! 👋 I'm Tipi, a certified health coach, and a human monkey. 🙉

I help people to get healthy by changing their habits - just like I did with myself and keep doing it for the sake of optimal performance. I'm specialized on asthma, but the cure to all chronic diseases is basically the same - optimizing your body using lifestyle medicine and evidence-based science.


My clients usually:

  1. Gain 50% - 150% more energy.
  2. Lose 5% - 10% fat, and gain more muscle.
  3. Improve their mood considerably.
  4. Drop most/all of their medications from chronic diseases.
  5. Look a few years younger.
  6. Learn to develop healthy routines by their own.


Coaching Packages

  • Up-to-date scientific research specific to your case.
  • Personalized, incremental and realistic program depending on your situation.
  • Three (3) longer meeting in the first week TO GET YOU GOING. Then weekly, depending on the package.


  • GET BETTER: 3 months (3+12x40min meetings), 690€.
  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE: 12 months (3+48x40min meetings), 2490€.


If you are interested in 1-to-1 coaching, you can fill the initial questionnaire here or contact me.

Here you can read more about my coaching methods.