I was diagnosed with asthma at 8 and was advised to quit sports, ending up on six medications. After learning about epigenetics, how our bodies work, and lifestyle interventions, I experimented with various diets and could breathe much better without prescribed medication. While some wise people advocate addressing the root cause instead of suppressing symptoms, most doctors insisted that asthma couldn't be cured, with two even throwing me out of their offices. They simply didn't know—and still don't (medical schools don't teach optimal health).
After studying sports medicine and founding several health-related start-ups, I've read thousands of scientific studies on human behavior, health, and disease. It's become clear to me that energy, health, fitness, and performance are not determined by our genes but by our daily activities and the environment we live in.
This realization has made me a strong advocate of habit development because it's the only long-term strategy to achieve lasting results, including rearranging one's environment.
Now, in my 40s, I'm more physically and mentally fit than ever before. I look about ten years younger and my biological age is under 30.
I believe there is no limit to what we can achieve when it comes to our bodily health.

Health coach Tipi Koivisto

Timo-Tuomas "Tipi" Koivisto

  • Born 1983 (Finland).
  • M.Sc. Computer science, sports medicine dropout.
  • 1 year military.
  • Father of 2.
  • Working since I was 16, from slaughterhouse to a pharma company, from IT expert to health coaching, from freelancer to a business owner.
  • Gone through burnout and depression 2018.
  • Quit addictions and optimized my daily habits.
  • I love sports, science, and most people.
  • 2 Marathons, 100km Ice Marathon, winner of the German cup in Floorball.


Lifestyle medicine certified health coach