Health coach Tipi KoivistoA few facts :

  • Born 1983 in Kuopio, Finland.
  • M.Sc. Computer science, studied physics, leadership, pedagogy, and sports medicine.
  • One year military.
  • Working since I was 16, from slaughterhouse to a pharma company, from IT expert to health coaching, from freelancer to a business owner. I have sold one company and bankrupted two.
  • I speak Finnish, German, and English.
  • Father of two.
  • Gone through exhaustion and depression 2018.
  • Quit addictions and optimized my daily habits.
  • I love sports, science, and most people.
  • Completed 2 Marathons, 100km Ice Marathon, winner of the German cup in Floorball.
  • Founder of Habinator Health Coach and 4 other companies.